Community Living for a Quality Life

Let go of the old stigmas about nursing homes. At Brethren Care Village in Ashland, Ohio, senior living isn’t your last resort - it’s an open door to the high-quality care, comfort, and worry-free living you and your loved ones deserve.

Brethren Care Village’s Campus Community 

Because Brethren Care Village is equipped with a wide range of senior care services, there’s no need to hunt for a new facility as health care needs change. Your loved ones will establish relationships with their caregivers and other residents that will sustain and empower them to live a vibrant and healthy life, no matter what their degree of health care needs.

Brethren Care Village’s Promise:


Brethren Care Village Promise | Ashland, OH

Your Family is Our Family

Your loved ones will know and be known by their caregivers. Within 72 hours of moving in, each of our residents meets their team of caregivers and/or therapists. They are known by name, greeted with warmth and a smile, and treated with the dignity, respect, and kindness they deserve.

long-term nursing care | brethren care village, ashland, OH

Continuity of Care

Your mom or dad’s caregivers and therapists will travel with them from day one, even as their level of needs evolve.

recreational activities for emotional and physical wellbeing | brethren care village, ashland, OH

Life Well Lived

We believe emotional and spiritual well-being is just as important as physical health. Whether it’s coming together for recreational activities or gathering for delicious meals, opportunities for social interaction abound at Brethren Care Village.

live well lived | brethren care village, ashland, OH

Quality Care for Life

Because we are a nonprofit, our customers are our shareholders. Our residents’ care is our top priority. Even if resources run out, we are committed to our residents’ health and wellbeing.

This stage of your family’s life doesn’t need to be burdened with worry. Instead, invest your time and energy into sustaining a healthy and vibrant relationship with your loved ones, knowing that their nutritional, medical, and social needs are taken care of by people who love and respect them, right here in your hometown community.

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