Health Care Center

Position Type

Full Time


Positions available on all shifts

Job Description


Performs daily duties of resident care, per job standards, as directed by team leader in accordance with prescribed procedures and policies of the facility and Federal, State and local authorities, to ensure that quality nursing services are provided at all times.


  1. Maintain the standard of nursing care and follow the policies and procedures of the facility.
  2. Protects and maintains confidentiality of residents, information, and residents rights.
  3. Respects and shows kindness to all residents. Supports person centered care concepts.
  4. Attends team care conferences as needed.
  5. Reports all pertinent information to team leader and appropriate support staff.
  6. Records all pertinent information in residents record. Examples being: EMR’s, Restorative Care, Food Intake records, behavior notes and other written documents.
  7. Protects and maintains all work areas in accordance with facility safety policies.
  8. Assures that floors, resident rooms, common areas, and service rooms are free of hazardous debris.
  9. Performs daily tasks in accordance with infection control and standard precaution policies and procedures.
  10. Makes beds daily per facility policy.
  11. Answers call lights and alarm sounds promptly.
  12. Follows policies and procedures related to body mechanics and lift system.
  13. Follows policies and procedures related to positioning, transfers, and mobility.
  14. Ambulates residents in accordance with individual plans of care.
  15. Prepares, assists and transports residents to and from meals, activities and therapy sessions.
  16. Assists, supervises and feeds residents at meal time.
  17. Bathes residents in accordance with plans of care.
  18. Assists residents with dressing and undressing.
  19. Combs hair, shaves and applies appropriate appliances for residents.
  20. Gives good oral care and observes for oral problems to report to nurse.
  21. Performs and assists with passive, active ROM exercises, and Restorative Programs
  22. Gives lotion back rubs.
  23. Passes fresh ice and water, extra fluids and AM or HS nourishment's.
  24. Takes and records weight, temperatures, fluid intake and output, vital signs and other pertinent data.
  25. Bathes residents as assigned.
  26. Assures that residents have necessary personal care items.
  27. Checks that bed pans, urinals, and collection hats are stored according to facility policies
  28. Assures that BSC, bed pans, urinals, and hats are cleansed and dried, per facility policies.
  29. Toilets residents and/or conducts proper peri care per resident’s plan of care/policy.
  30. Dresses in accordance with facility dress code policy.
  31. Completes walking rounds with shift leaving, when reporting to work and shift coming on when leaving work. Observes each resident assuming care for to ensure safety and continuity of care.
  32. Participates in facility committees giving input including QA/PI.
  33. Performs all other duties according to STNA certification.
  34. Agree not to disclose assigned user ID code and password for accessing resident/facility information and promptly report suspected or known violations of such disclosure to the Administrator.
  35. Agree not to disclose resident’s protected health information and promptly report suspected or known violations of such disclosure to the Administrator.
  36. Report any known or suspected unauthorized attempt to access facility’s information system.



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