5 Creative Ways to Stay Connected with Parents in Senior Living Communities

October 11, 2017

You and your parents may be separated by several miles–maybe even several states–but that doesn’t mean you can’t find meaningful ways to stay in touch. These simple ways of reaching out will enrich your parents’ everyday lives in ways more important than you can imagine!

Stay In Their Sight and On Their Mind 

Photographs, of course, are always a must, reminding parents and grandparents of their loved ones across the miles. However, there are other ways to keep Mom or Dad’s favorite faces in view. Companies such as Shutterfly and Snapfish can print images on calendars, canvases, mugs, and shirts. Are there grandkids in the mix? Put each of their faces on a throw pillow, decorating your parent’s home with their favorite, comfy smiles. 

Make it Digital 

You’ve heard of photo frames...but have you tried one with wifi? With a wifi photo frame like Pix-Star, you can update family photos remotely on your computer or device, automatically updating the stream on your mom or dad’s frame. Did your son just don an adorable suit and tie for a piano recital? Gone are the days when your parents have to wait for photos in the mail. Surprise them with weekly–even daily–updates with a click of a button, and keep them in the loop!

Get the Kids Involved

5 Creative Ways to Stay Connected with Parents in Senior Living Communities | brethren care village

Kids are always bringing home arts and crafts from school, church, and other activities. While you love to display their masterpieces on the fridge...there’s only so much room. Want a creative solution that will make your kids proud, your parents smile, and your sanity safe? Send a monthly “care package” of your kids’ best works, keeping Grandma or Grandpa’s walls decorated with colorful touches of imagination.

Send Them to the Movies 

For a creative holiday present your parents will enjoy the whole year, send an edited DVD compilation of the year’s highlights: scenes from sporting events, birthday parties, and everyday backyard romps with the dog. Set a 10-15 minute video to a few of your parents’ favorite songs from “back in the day,” creating a nostalgic gem they’ll be sure to watch over and over again!

Set Up a Book Club for Two

5 Creative Ways to Stay Connected with Parents in Senior Living Communities | brethren care village

It goes without saying that you and your parents will stay connected on the phone. Sometimes those conversations can feel repetitive, however, as you find yourselves returning to the same subjects of health, meals, and TV shows. Although those daily realities are important, digging deeper can reap rich relational rewards. Send your mom or dad a print or audio book every month on a subject of mutual interest, then set up a time to discuss it over the phone. You’ll be surprised by how much you can continue to learn about each other as you set your minds together to learn.

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