How to Keep the Comforts of Home When Transitioning to a Senior Living Community

July 11, 2017

Any transition can be difficult, let alone the decision to move yourself or a loved one to a senior living community. However, you can lessen the stress of this transition–and even make it a pleasant experience–by planning ahead and keeping the following tips in mind.

Find a Good Match

With so many senior living communities to choose from, one size does not fit all. Take the time to explore your options in detail. Which area best suits your personality and background: rural, suburban, or urban? Do you prefer a smaller community that offers intimate meals and quiet activities or a larger social experience complete with onsite theatres and pubs? Do you prefer outside opportunities, artistic experiences, or a mixture of both? When you find the perfect match, you’ll look forward to making a transition to a community that will help you stay–and thrive as–you.

Meet Your New Neighbors

You’ll feel more comfortable with your transition if you meet some of your neighbors beforehand. Introduce yourself to residents and staff when taking tours of potential communities so that you already feel connected when you move. Encourage your loved ones to connect, too, to build that bridge from one home to the next. And once you get there, jump into your favorite activities so you make friends with similar interests right away. It may feel difficult at first, but the sooner you build relationships, the sooner you’ll feel at home.

How to Keep the Comforts of Home When Transitioning to a Senior Living Community | Brethren Care Village, Ashland, OHBring Home With You

It would be nice if you could pick up your current house or apartment and plop it in your new community. That’s not possible, of course, but you can create a similar feeling of home by bringing a few of your most cherished items with you, such as gifts you’ve received from loved ones, family pictures, souvenirs from trips, and other mementos that speak to the rich life you’ve lived up to this new phase of making memories and friends. 

Give It Time

While the above strategies will help you make your transition, don’t expect an overnight emotional attachment to your new community. It’s only human to experience a sense of loss at first, and you will need to be patient with yourself. Think back on other transitions you’ve made in life, whether in building a family, moving to a new house, or changing jobs. In those cases, you adjusted to a new reality that ended up making you the person you are today. With time and support from loved ones, you’ll find yourself calling your senior living community home, even have trouble imagining life without it.

Talk to Someone about Your Options

If you’re concerned about finances, transitions, family relationships, healthcare, or some other issue that is causing you anxiety about this decision, reach out. We’re here to help you navigate this time in your life, to help you explore your options, and to make a decision that’s right for you and your family. Call (866) 289-1585 or schedule a tour of Brethren Care Village to learn more about our assisted living, senior living, long-term nursing care, and memory care services.

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